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Grimace Costume for Kids Adult Grimaces Birthday Gameboy Halloween Cosplay Mascot Inflatable Suit Purple Shake Child Carnival

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SKU: 14:496;5:100014066#Height 155-195cm

Color: Purple


Size: Height 155-195cm

Height 155-195cm
Height 100-155cm
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Two sizes fit all:
1. The recommended height for children: 100-155 cm (39-61 inches)
2. The recommended height for adults: 155-195 cm (61-76 inches)
Also suitable for adults over 195 cm (76 inches) tall, as long as you don't mind exposed calves.

Unique Design Features:
1. The sleeve design allows you to reach out for candy bags and trick-or-treating.
2. This inflatable costume is popular with family and neighbors and has generated many compliments and photo requests on Halloween.
3. The feet are unrestricted and look great fun when running.
4. Once you receive the costume, there is no need for tools such as screwdrivers or other accessories. You just need to install 4 AA batteries or connect a power bank to inflate the costume automatically.
5. This blow-up costume is the ideal alternative to Halloween makeup, face painting or uncomfortable masks.
6. The spacious interior facilitates movement and maintains proper air circulation.
7. Automatically inflates and can be easily deflated and stored.
8. Wrist and ankle straps are provided to prevent air leakage.

High-quality materials:
210T ripstop polyester with no odor.

Important Notes:
1. Please clip the battery box to your belt, not in your pocket, to prevent overheating and burns.
2. Before putting on the inflatable costume, tighten the outer ring to hold the fan in place.
3. If the costume is not fully inflated, adjust the direction of the fan and tighten the drawstring as much as possible for optimal inflation.
4. Remember to remove the batteries from the battery box when not in use.

What's in the box?
1*Inflatable costume
1*Fan blower
1*Battery box (batteries not included)

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