Anime NieR:Automata 3D Printed Bedding Set Duvet Covers Pillowcases Comforter Bedding Set Bedclothes Bed Linen

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SKU: 45678805-10-200x230cm-3pcs

Color: 10


Size: 200x230cm 3pcs

200x230cm 3pcs
210x210cm 3pcs
230x260cm 3pcs
150x200cm 3pcs
135x200cm 2pcs
200x200cm 3pcs
180x210cm 3pcs
228x228cm 3pcs
173x218cm 3pcs
140x210cm 2pcs
220x240cm 3pcs

Pruducts include:Duvet cover*1/Pillowcase*2 (Not sheets)  =3pcs
(135x200cm and 140x210cm,Duvet cover*1/Pillowcase*1)(Not sheets)  =2pcs

How do I choose the size?


1.Bedding size is not standard. Please choose the size of the bedding according  to your quilt size.

2.the size of duvet cover should be the same with your quilt,for example,

if your quilt is 200x230cm so you should choose 200x230cm duvet cover,

so you should choose correspond Queen size Or other corresponding dimensions.

3.the size of different country is different,so we indicate with cm or inches measurement.


135x200cm: quilt cover 135x200cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx1

140x210cm: quilt cover 140x210cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx1

150x200cm: quilt cover 150x200cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

173x218cm: quilt cover 173x218cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

180x210cm: quilt cover 180x210cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

200x200cm: quilt cover 200x200cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

210x210cm: quilt cover 210x210cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

200x230cm: quilt cover 200x230cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

220x240cm: quilt cover 220x240cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

228x228cm: quilt cover 228x228cmx1, pillowcase 48x74cmx2

230x260cm: quilt cover 230x260cmx1, pillowcase 50x90cmx2

Size Chart

Normally, you can find size chart in product image gallery, or you can find size chart in product description.